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#OneStepCloser Campaign

Working at CVS Health during the COVID-19 vaccination period was a once in a lifetime opportunity to bring people one step closer to normalcy. This integrated campaign asked people to share what they can't wait to do once they're fully vaccinated with #OneStepCloser. We threw down the #OneStepCloser challenge on TikTok, which had phenomenal results. Click the video below to see the case study.

These were :06 vids placed on various social media sites. They filled in the blank of what people were one step closer to and invited viewers to share their #OneStepCloser as well.

More CVS Health Work

Based on the insight that people go to the web to search for medical-related topics, these social videos educated people on products and services at CVS HealthHUB. Come on, you know you've gone to Google to figure out what that rash is.

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