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Each morning, when we look in the mirror, we make various choices on how we want to advertise ourselves to the world as people. Do you wear six-year-old blue jeans or risque leather pants? Sport a brand-name watch or no watch at all? Shirt tucked in or tucked out? Goth or preppy? These are just some of the choices we make as humans as we create an identity for the most important brand of all—ourselves. 


Advertising is not just a business—it's human behavior.

This is why creating ads with authentic, relatable, human connections is vital to successful advertising. Not to mention, brands themselves are not very different from people. They hold a certain perception—they're either popular or unpopular. Successful or unsuccessful. They're funny or serious.


With over eleven years of professional experience as a copywriter, I've worked on multiple brands ranging from automotive to entertainment and finance to liquor. I've worked on everything from major, integrated campaigns to social media posts, and radio spots to digital banners. I've been lucky enough to work with Hollywood directors, celebrities, professional athletes, and iconic franchises. On top of that, I've managed a team of over ten people and worked closely with other departments: strategy, account, UX, production, etc.

So if the world is your mirror...what do you want your advertising to reflect for your clients?

- Kevin Growick

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